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I get my scores, summaries, and breaking news from a free site. I stream my team’s games on free internet radio while I surf something else. Twice daily, on YouTube, I watch my club’s coach do his 5-minute media scrums, and, if I feel compelled, I’ll catch a condensed (9-minute) game from the night before. Plus I intensely read The Athletic, especially Richard Dietsch and many of the stories he recommends in his “… pieces of note” parts.

Total out-of-pocket expenses? Less than 14 cents (CAD) per day for my Athletic subscription. I love my system, but I couldn’t do it in such a cost-effective way without The Athletic.


David Ward authors books like The Lost 10 Point Night and Bay of Hope.

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  1. Great pic – brings back memories when I was a goalie in the same era except the puck would have bounced off my trapper. I think I held on to my first puck in second year peewee.

    Everybody wants free content – the challenge is how do we incentivize/compensate creators?

    1. thanks for your thoughts, rob. it’ll be interesting to see how things go for The Athletic long term. i hear they’ve got about 300 employees, some of them making really good money. ownership is young, and they say they’re in it for the long haul. obviously, time will tell, but i’m pulling for them. just like your family would have been pulling for you when you were a young goalie.

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