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If you’re a fan of real life mystery stories, check out Reeves Wiedeman’s recent article, The Watcher. This ain’t fiction, my friend — it’s a scary tale about a young family’s experience after they bought their dream home and disturbing letters began to arrive in the mail.

Normally I find such stories hard to stomach. Movies, books, television, audio… If there is any suspense at all, I feel too anxious to finish. But this story was different; I felt compelled to push on because of Reeves’ incredible writing. But no way would I read it before bed again.


David Ward authors books like The Lost 10 Point Night and Bay of Hope.

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  1. Outstanding story
    Burns deeply of sensibilities that repulse and fasinate
    Is it wrong to see a hockey parallel to the Mike Hoffman/Ottawa train wreck?

    1. i think you’re right on all accounts, brad. that new jersey house is being stalked by someone using the old technology, and the karlsson’s were victims of the new. plus, we don’t really know who is responsible for either event. you’re a good sport for reading along — that’s a long story i linked you to.

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