Stapleton, Hall ©2020

This image is obviously underexposed, and the ref’s butt, intrusive. But those flaws just help me to enjoy it more; I’ve found something special that was almost thrown away. I can see Pat Stapleton, what appears to be Pierre Pilote’s left skate, and the great Glenn Hall in goal.

Hall’s playing load that season (’66-67) was significantly lower than usual, yet his record was an impressive 19-5-5 as he and teammate Denis Dejordy shared the Vezina. The Hawks as a team played some wonderful hockey, finishing in first place before the playoffs arrived where the Leafs upset them early. All that and more, captured here, on less than perfect celluloid.


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  1. Is that the puck-just wide of the post and Hall’s outstretched glove?

    1. i think the rangers scored on this play, brad. i say this because i’ve got a second image (from what i’m pretty sure is the same sequence) where hall and stapleton look considerably dejected while phil goyette celebrates a goal. thanks for asking.

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