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Are there any documents out there noting the first time that individual goalies other than Jacques Plante and Clint Benedict wore a mask? I ask because my first hockey memory is from May 3, 1970 (when only the Bruins and Blues were still standing). And, from that point forward, I recall seeing only three maskless goalies — Joe Daley, Gump Worsley, and Andy Brown.

That leaves me believing that because of Rogatien Vachon’s sideburns, and the colours and fashions the fans are wearing in this photo, this shot must have been taken shortly before my first hockey memory, and then Rogie started the ’70-71 season with a mask. But I can’t trust my childhood recollections. That’s why documentation of such dates would be handy. And fun to see.


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  1. My shallow research revealed Don Simmons wore a mask January 10th 1960 vs the Leafs.
    Terry Sawchuck wore a mask when he arrived in Toronto October ’64-but when did he start wearing it?

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