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This photo was taken by Tony Triolo (1930–2006), not Arthur Rickerby. Arthur took few photos of the New York Rangers, and Rickerby Hockey wants Ranger fans to feel welcome, so occasionally we post one of Tony’s pictures.

It’s also good to see the artistic differences between the two men. Like lighting, and distance. In defence of any shortcomings you might note in Tony’s photo, know that he took it in 1966, two years before most of Arthur’s images. But a question worth asking is, why would the Rangers have three defensemen on the ice at the same time?


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  1. Great pic!
    Has Conachers’ left skate been axed away by Giacomin?
    Has Howell just committed a spear or a crosscheck? (or both)?
    Did Giacomin attempt to smother a rebound-or swipe away a loose puck at the side of the net.
    Conacher is making an aggressive debut against two Hall of Famers.

    1. classic brad. he takes a small, illusory characteristic occurring in an old photo, and turns it into a hysterical, historical story about a one-legged hockey player. i laughed out loud.

  2. Seiling occasionally played forward; I can’t recall how often or under what circumstances. The SIHR database bio references this in his Jr. career but I recall it from his pro days too but don’t know how frequently he was employed in this way.
    Triolo’s lighting is darker but I like his image.
    The Maple Leafs player #18 is Brian Conacher; I don’t remember him wearing this number but according to the SIHR database he played wearing this number during a two game call-up in 1965/66. The season previous, he and Seiling had been teammates on Canada’s National team.

    1. thanks aubrey. i love everything you’ve said here but the part that jumps off the screen for me is the reference to Conacher’s “two game call-up.” i think it a near-miracle when i find an image that documented such a short window in someone’s life. not only because tony captured it on film, or that it found its way to me, but, because of the power of today’s technology, it went out to the world. and, in this example, i would not have known that without your input. beauty. beauty. beauty.

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