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For a photographer, “a high rate of capture” is critical when the action is constantly, quickly, changing — like in a hockey game. Arthur Rickerby was famous in this regard, pioneering the technology required to take three frames per second with a single click. My wish, over the next couple of weeks, is to illustrate one of Arthur’s efforts to do exactly that.

So let’s set the stage: Norm Ullman is the Red Wing in this image. I think the referee is Bruce Hood, and the Canadiens, left to right, are Bobby Rousseau and Dave Balon, while Jacques Laperierre moves to pick up his stick. I’ll load the three images in reverse order so that, ultimately, forward motion might be seen as they scroll on your screen.


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  1. Image captured in glass-fantastic

    1. that’s funny, brad. there are a few funky characteristics about this image — the miniature qualities that the placement of the ref provides, the camera slant, laperierre’s inability to stand upright, but especially the glass — that makes me feel like it was taken in a snow globe. 🙂

  2. Aubrey Ferguson October 1, 2018 at 6:46 am

    David: your ability and effort to name everyone is to be commended…Laperierre and Hood are especially challenging in this image. Interestingly, I’ve noted that a lot of folks when commenting on a picture ignore the on-ice officials as thought they were not there and not vital contributors. Kudos.
    Cheers Aubrey

    1. thanks aubrey. as for laperierre, i have the good fortune of looking at other images from this sequence where jacques is more easily identified. and with hood i needed external input. thanks for noting how seriously i take that (fun) task. at the very least i think i owe it to the men pictured, to get it right. and you’re so right when you say the on-ice officials have been mostly ignored — as a younger me i was no different, but never again. 🙂

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