Pronovost, Kelly ©2018

I get more pleasure than I ever thought possible from a Facebook page called ‘Damaged Photos’. Turns out I find defaced photos more fun than flawless ones. Like the image above. This shot might not contain as much character as the men pictured in it possess(ed), but its impairment still pulls me in.

The group’s administrators define damage as “physical damage to a physical photo. It does not include photos of damaged objects, emotional damage felt by an artist, or any philosophical, ideological, societal, or political commentary on damage.” Then they close off with what I consider a hilarious comment, “It’s one rule, and in the title of the group. Simple concept, play nice and enjoy.”


David Ward authors books like The Lost 10 Point Night and Bay of Hope.

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Haters and others who can’t keep from quarrelling, steer clear. Everyone else, welcome.