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Of the 1500 viewers who visited Rickerby Hockey throughout the dog days of summer, half of them were American. This trend is increasing. Make no mistake about it, the number of RH viewers hailing from the United States is currently eclipsing those from all other countries including Canada.

If you’re aware of the overall growth of the game throughout the U.S., where they are expected to surpass Canada in youth hockey registrations within the next decade, this increased American viewership won’t surprise you — except RH is old-time hockey! These images are of Canadian players from fifty years ago, and still most of the people interested in them are from the United States. America is increasingly hungry for hockey and I thank them for that.


David Ward authors books like The Lost 10 Point Night and Bay of Hope.

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  1. Your observations serve to verify mine; I monitor the Vintage Minor Hockey Pictures on Facebook and most of these pictures are of Canadian players playing inthe USA, and are posted and commented on by enthusiastic long term American fans. (Good for them.) The population base is 10 times greater than in Canada and the number of hockey teams from which players could make a living has been and continues to be considerably greater than 10:1. American-based NHL teams have outnumbered Canadian-based teams for about 90 years. All in all, hockey fandom has been decidedly American based for decades even though we Canadians have a rose-colured bias otherwise.

    1. thanks for this contribution to the discussion, aubrey. i am clearly one of those canadians who has, for too long, been wearing a rose-coloured visor on my hockey helmet. but i’ve had my eyes opened by you and other followers of rickerby hockey. i have a lot of fun watching RH’s analytics page, seeing the demographics of who’s here, and who isn’t, and hearing from astute observers like yourself. thanks again.

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