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Tim Farrell has been a friend of mine for forty years, and a fan of the Boston Bruins for longer than that. As a child Tim watched his team win two Stanley Cups. And then of course he was around for their most recent crown.

Anytime I ask Tim about that 2011 run, he tells me it was a lot of fun, but that the best part was sharing it with his young son. That makes sense because I’m convinced that no matter how much joy an adult feels when their team wins, their pleasure can’t compare to what they felt when they were a kid. But watching an 11-year old experience a successful season can help us relive our own childhood memories.


David Ward authors books like The Lost 10 Point Night and Bay of Hope.

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  1. Smiles.
    Memories of puffed wheat cereal with half a bowl of sugar, cemented to the glow of cartoons.

    1. ditto, brad. ditto, ditto, ditto.

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