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I find this a tough photo to figure out. Start with the Habs’ Claude Provost who, for no apparent reason, is struggling to stay on his feet. Now look at the goal judge seated behind the second stanchion from the left — his focus is understandably on the net, but no one else’s is.

So, where’s the puck? Following the fans’ gaze doesn’t exactly provide any convincing clues, yet when I consider the stares of Doak, Orr, and Connelly, I have to wonder if the puck is in the corner or suddenly changed direction and gone elsewhere. Otherwise, what is goalie Eddie Johnston looking at?


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  1. that’s great brad. the first time i wrote this blurb, i had an additional sentence at the end: “Henri Richard?” i’m glad i deleted it, because your contribution has been great confirmation. and, as always, fun.

  2. My guess Johnston is locating the centre Henri Richard or Backstom

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