Ullman, Smith ©2020

I like writer Greg Oliver. He reminds me of the hockey reporters of my youth. With a strong, journalistic style, and a commitment to authoring hardcopy books, Greg is a sweet, modern-day blend of a respected Red Fisher and a prolific Stan Fischler.

Greg’s extensive effort to connect with the people involved in the game is also a testament to another time. If he had been born fifty years earlier, Greg would have travelled by train with the teams. And, like this man sitting in the rail seats behind Norm Ullman and Dallas Smith, Greg would have sported a fedora.


David Ward authors books like The Lost 10 Point Night and Bay of Hope.


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  1. Great pic!
    Ullman always a favourite

  2. Thanks David. I appreciate the kind words. Not much of a fedora guy though. It’s either a baseball cap or when camping or canoeing, one of those big floppy fishing hats.!

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