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I am trying to grow as a visual communicator in an image world. I’m convinced that my online teaching and writing careers require it. That’s why I purchased these images—to learn from their content and composition. I’m also reading about photography, and design. Gail Buckland, Rick Poynor, Susan Sontag, Simon Winchester…

A champion for change, my efforts to modify me manifest themselves in many different ways. Some days I see myself as a curator of vintage images. Other times as an intern at a Rare Photo Research Centre. I find it all fun and I’m learning a lot, including how to let this shot of Eddie Johnston speak for itself.


David Ward authors books like The Lost 10 Point Night and Bay of Hope.

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  1. David do you know what year this picture was taken? Who knows the story of this photo? Was this during the national anthem or after a goal? Was it exhaustion or feeling despondent? Bruins has some terrible teams in the early sixties and this looks more from that time. Eddie’s early record shows a pretty dismal Win/Loss record, 11/27, 18/40, 11,32. Then from 67-68 on with the Bruins Eddie has winning records… wonder why? 🙂 (4)

    1. i’m confident this photo was taken before may 15th, 1967, tim, because when i look at other shots that arthur took of EJ during that era, i see that the goalie’s supporting cast are the gang that were around before phil esposito was traded from the black hawks to the bruins (along with ken hodge and fred stanfield, for jack norris, pit martin and gilles marotte on 5/15/67). this detail not only helps us to date this shot, it partly explains the turnaround in the bruins’ fortunes that you’ve noted because, as i’m sure you are aware, that deal was a good one for the bruins. and, yes, the arrival of bobby orr didn’t hurt either. 😉

    2. perhaps he is having a premonition about what it will be like to coach a young mario many years later?

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