Schock, Marshall ©2020

I understand why people use watermarks to protect their property. Watermarks have their purpose, but I don’t plan to use them here. I feel they take too much away from the photograph. I don’t want to put a blemish on Ron Schock’s shoulder or Bert Marshall’s butt. That would defeat what I’m trying to do which is share some special images with the world.

Plus, there are lot of people who know how to hide a watermark — and as my lawyer likes to say, “There are always going to be unlawful sorts.” So, in this situation, I’ll learn the hard way if I have to. As will the sad soul who triggers me into launching a lawsuit.


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  1. I think one of Ron Shock’s coaches once put him on a line with Eddie Shack and Ken Shinkle. And when he scored, with helpers from his linemates, the announcement would have been “Shock from Shinkle and Shack”. I can’t find any proof of this however, but my I remember it coming from my Dad so it must be true, right?

    1. that’s funny, rich. i did not know that, but a quick peek at their common records indicates that red kelly would have been that coach. i bet when they played against the flyers, that alliteration made fred “shero” smile.

  2. One thing that is abundantly clear in these old photos is how small the equipment was. Not only were these guys helmetless but the padding in the shoulder and elbow pads and pants was pretty sparse. I could not imagine taking a full blown hip check from Bert Marshall and skating away from it.

    1. i’ve been thinking something similar, tim. i believe the ultimate example might be a goalie without a mask. i know the game was different but, like you, the vulnerability i see in the athletes in these images is extreme. thanks for your thoughts.

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