Nanne, Firsov ©2020

Lou Nanne, captain of the US Olympic hockey team in Grenoble, France, on February 9, 1968. One of the greatest college hockey players in history, Lou also had a stellar 10-year professional career with the Minnesota North Stars. The goaltender is Jim Logue and I believe the Russian is the late, great Anatoli Firsov. Perhaps someone reading along could confirm or deny this detail.

The Soviets won 10-2 but from what I’ve seen in Arthur’s images, the spectacle that day was the rink they played in—the cutting edge Stade de Glace. Seating 12,000, it’s vaulted roof and see-through boards were incredibly attractive, as was the occasional on-ice appearance of the US’s only gold medal winner that winter, figure skater Peggy Fleming.


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