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With all due respect for the players pictured in this photograph, this photo journal’s first words have to be about Arthur Rickerby (1921–1972), the photographer who captured these images:

Born in Manhattan but raised in the Bronx, Arthur’s dad died when the boy was just a toddler. Arthur’s interest in photography began in high school. Later, while studying political science at university, he sold his varsity photographs to local newspapers. Following graduation he served with the Navy’s photography unit during WW2, ultimately documenting Japan’s surrender aboard the USS Missouri.

After the war Arthur worked for many of America’s most notable news agencies including Life magazine where he was assigned to cover the Kennedy administration. He was in the Dallas motorcade when the president lost his life. The Queen, Jimmy Hoffa, Marilyn Monroe… Arthur chronicled it all until his own premature death from pancreatitis. A married father of three, Arthur was an environmentalist at a time when such advocacy was seen as a sign of insanity.

Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his part in pioneering the use of 35mm cameras and their new zoom lenses, Arthur’s work continues to be valued by awards organizations, art critics, and the purchasing public. Long live Arthur Rickerby.


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